Home simplification Without simplification, there will be no development

Without simplification, there will be no development


Dear Director, there are essentially two issues on which public opinion is focusing in this period of emergency: health and the economy .
There is a strong awareness on the part of all that citizens' health comes before any other matter and that only a publicly organized health system can be able to support emergencies of this type, even with the contribution from the private individual. Reality makes us understand that public and private must forever live together according to certain rules, to be rewritten, and that only public or private health cannot exist. Furthermore, the awareness of being called to think about health in the broadest sense , as a safeguard for the person, but also for the environment that hosts us and the “human family”.
I have friends who work in the health sector. Their biggest concern before coronavirus? Being the victim of a complaint for negligence in the workplace. Well, our heroes are afraid of what people, in the grip of individualism, in total lack of trust and often because of their easy-to-gain thirst, thanks to the law, can unleash them. Perhaps we accountants can understand this fear more than others.  » Read More

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