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“We will even spend 100 billion or it will be the revolt,” says Salvini


“When there are a thousand deaths a day, nothing comes first. It is a huge, real and urgent problem. And it has two dimensions. A sanitary and an economic one “. For this reason, says Matteo Salvini in an interview with La Stampa, “this requires guarantees of unlimited investments “. The League leader notes that “the rest of Europe is moving with huge numbers” so “we have to move before that. We get to the social clash between guaranteed and unsecured “.

Therefore one asks: “Do you need one hundred billion? Let's put a hundred billion ”. The priority for the former yellow-green interior minister is this, even if the objection that is posed to him is that the debt could explode, an observation to which Salvini replies: “The rigor and zero point have made Italy the country with the lowest growth in Europe. The emergency requires us to change. “

Then the leader of the Carroccio goes on to note that there is “a great desire for unique thinking” and says he is convinced “that a center-right government would have been lynched on some of these choices, even if he adds:” It doesn't matter “, As if to say: if we had done it we would have been crucified, but patience … because” our goal is to help “.

Even if he then observes: “Of course, when I read that the Minister of the South claims that we must help illegal work, my blood freezes. For us, they would have asked for an immediate arrest for instigation to commit a crime. I fly over, “ironically, but Salvini insists,” it would be enough for me to leave us the freedom to bring our ideas and express our dissent when needed “. For example, “when the Cura Italia provides for the release from prison of those who have not ended their sentence. Instead insults fly here as if it rained. Absurd”.

Then also a joke about Prime Minister Conte: “We hope to be consulted first and not to find out what happens only to things done by a direct on Facebook”. And the League leader conside belatedly the call of Conte to the centrality of Parliament, even if – he says – “the important thing is that it is not a facade”.

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