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Wall Street relieves Europe of an uncertain session

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    Wall Street closes in contrast. Nasdaq negative

    Closing higher but far from the session highs for Wall Street. The Dow Jones, towed by the Boeing title, ended the day with a gain of 2, 39% to 21. 200 points, while the S&P rose by 1, 15% at share 2. 475. Negative the Nasdaq, who gave the 0, 45% a 7. 384 points.

  • 20: 17

    Oil closes higher in New York

    Oil closed 2% higher on Nymex. The WTI barrel earned 48 cents to 24, 49 dollars.

  • 17: 48

    The spread closes down to 184 points

    The spread between BTP and German Bund closes down to 184 points after opening at 187. The 10-year yield falls to 1, 549%.

  • 17: 47

    European stock exchanges close higher in the wake of Wall Street

    An upward closing for the European stock exchanges in the wake of Wall Street which proceeds positively in a session characterized by volatility. In Paris the Cac 40 advances on 4, 47% a 4. 432, 30 points. The Dax in Frankfurt goes up 1, 34% a 9. 876, 00 points. L'Ftse 100 London earns 4, 26% a 5. 693, 50 points. In Milan the Ftse Mib which stops the bargaining at +1, 74% to 17. 243 points.

  • 17: 45

    Milan closes up 1, 74%

    Despite the last positive days, volatility remains high on global markets and also in Piazza Affari which, after yesterday's session closed with one of the biggest increases in recent years, consolidates earnings with the Ftse Mib that stops trading at +1, 74% to 17. 243 points. The Milan stock exchange, after a rally start, was in the negative for most of the afternoon, before recovering parity and going up again with a sprint towards the end. Among the most capitalized titles, Azimut and Leonardo stand out (+ 11, 28%): the asset management group (+9, 34%), in particular, benefits from the will of the skiers, who already own them the 19, 57%, to go up in the shareholding. Among the oil prices, Eni's rise stands out (+4, 16%). Lenders mixed: Bper, Banco Bpm drop; Intesa Sanpaolo is well bought (+2, 06%), Mediobanca runs (+ 7.9%). Generali good among insurance companies, FCA restarts in industry but Pirelli slips (-3, 82%). Still shopping on Stm (+5, 71 %), retraces Tim (-2, 32%).

  • 17: 31

    Wall Street proceeds positively

    Wall Street, in a volatile session, proceeds positively. The Dow Jones now earns 3, 86%, the S&P 500 rooms of 2, 11% and the Nasdaq advances the 0, 61% .

  • 17: 16

    The euro closed slightly higher

    Slightly higher closure for the euro against the dollar above 1 share, 08. The single currency is changed hands to 1, 0840 dollars and also earns on the yen at 120, 78. Japanese currency that also gives up against the greenback to 111, 41.

  • 16: 13

    Wall Street: volatile continues, Dow +2, 12% Nasdaq -0, 16%

    Wall Street continues volatile mid-morning. After a strongly positive opening and a short negative pass, the Dow Jones now gains the 2, 12% to 21. 143 points, while the S&P 500 rises only 0, 54% at altitude 2. 460. The Nasdaq remains in decline, giving 0, 16% a 7. 405 points

  • 13: 25

    Bag: little move in the middle of the day, Ftse Mib +0, 15%

    Piazza Affari, after the morning rally and a red pass, arrives halfway through the session, with the Ftse Mib returning slightly positive to +0, 15%. Leonardo is well bought on the main basket of Borsa Italiana (+5, 75%) and FCA among industrialists; Intesa and Mediobanca (+3, 99%) between bankers and Azimut in the managed. Atlantia and Ferragamo fell sharply, instead Stm (+3, 26%). Campari dusting (+5.6%).

  • 09: 43

    FCA suspended due to excess rise

    Piazza Affari accelerates, with the Ftse Mib exceeding 3%. On the main list there is the FCA rally, suspended several times on the upside: the shares of the automotive group rise by 9, 76%, also dragging Exor that after yesterday's jump earns 7, 44%. Well Poste (+5, 14%) and Ubi (+ 4,7%), in the brilliant managed Azimut ( +6%).

  • 09: 22

    Asian stock exchanges close in rally

    The Asian stock exchanges close in rally in the wake of Wall Street where the Dow Jones has recorded the best session since 1933, closing at + 11%. Tokyo ends up 8, 02%, Hong Kong of 3 98%, Shanghai of 2, 17% and Seoul of 5, 89%.

  • 09: 12

    Piazza Affari accelerates at the opening

    After yesterday's rally, Piazza Affari is still running: just a few minutes after the opening, the Milan Stock Exchange tries to consolidate its earnings with the Ftse Mib which rises 2.5% above the 17300 points. Among the titles of the main basket stands out the rise of Nexi who, after two sessions in a row with double-digit earnings, rises by 6, 95%. In luxury, Moncler runs, rising by more than 8%; money also on Exor which after yesterday's leap recovers another 7%. Insurance companies (Generali + 5%) are doing well, Ubi runs the bank, asset management tonic.

  • 09: 12

    European prices on the rise

    European stock exchanges open higher after the negotiators announced an agreement on the package of aid to the US economy from 2. 000 billions of dollars. London rises 1.4% to 5. 532 points. In Milan the Ftse Mib index grows by 2, 91%. Frankfurt earns 2, 91% a 9. 994 points , Paris 2, 08% and Madrid on the 3rd, 36%. Yesterday on Wall Street the Dow Jones recorded the best sitting since 1933, closing at + 11% for optimism on the green light to the US tax bazooka. Tokyo closed 8% higher this morning. Now the House and Senate must approve the stimulus package, which Donald Trump is ready to sign.

  • 09: 09

    The price of gold is falling

    The price of gold is falling after the go-ahead for the fiscal stimulus package of 2. 000 billions of dollars in the United States. The gold spot sells 1.8% to 1. 610 dollars an ounce.

  • 08: 42

    Spread down to 187 points

    The pressure on government bonds is still easing: the spread between BTP and Bund opens downward to 187 points, after closing yesterday at altitude 189 points. The 10-year yield falls to 1, 541%.

  • 07: 53

    Positive futures on Wall Street

    Wall Street futures turn positive after negotiators from Congress and the White House announced an agreement on the mega-package of stimulus to the 2 economy. 000 billions of dollars. The plan should be approved on the same day. Dow Jones futures advance 1, 15%, those on the S&P of 0.5% and those on the Nasdaq of 0, 11%.

  • 07: 23

    Euro at odds 1, 08 on the dollar

    The euro opens above odds 1, 08 dollars and the greenback remains tracked for now after the negotiators announced an agreement on the 2-dollar bazooka in the US Senate. billions of dollars to help the economy affected by the coronavirus. The European currency is changed hands to 1, 0818 dollars and 120, 34 yen. Dollar / yen slightly down 111, 21.

  • 07: 17

    The Tokyo stock exchange closed higher

    The Tokyo Stock Exchange closes up 8, 04% after the US Senate negotiators announced an agreement on the 2-stimulus package. billions of dollars. The Nikkei index ends at 19. 546 63 points.

  • 07: 08

    Oil on the rise. Brent a 28 dollars

    Oil prices are rising for the third consecutive day, as optimism grows on the green light for the US tax bazooka from 2. 000 billion, on which the negotiators announce during the night that an agreement has been reached. On Asian markets, futures on Light crude Wti are 3.6% higher at 24, 89 dollars, after a top at 25 24 dollars and Brent futures grow 3.2% at 28, 02 dollars per barrel.

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