Home category To make the category truly “essential activity”, exclusives are needed

To make the category truly “essential activity”, exclusives are needed


Dear Director, it is not my intention to raise controversy, much less at the moment, but some reflections on the role of accountants must in my opinion be made for a now indifferent future speech of our professional offices.
If on the one hand such a commitment and recognition are proud, on the on the other hand, tightened by the pressures that our studies are receiving from customers on these issues, and the strong operational uncertainties, lead to the usual conclusion: are we really convinced that it is worth it?
Our studies have never stopped, not even for a day since this ruckus started: there was no need that, even for DPCM, recognized us as “Essential activities”.
We did not stop because we are truly “Useful to the Country”, but far from being concretely “essential or essential” given that the accounting category referred to in the aforementioned ATECO code provides for varied activities, more than that.
Every commitment on the practices / bonuses in question has an evident social purpose , but be careful, without professional exclusives provided in favor of our category, they can be carried out by any authorized intermediary;  » Read More

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