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The hypothesis of a Draghi government agitates politics


The hypothesis of a government of national unity to face the 'post coronavirus' economic emergency, resolved the health emergency, agitates the Italian political debate. And if the background of the press on the possibility of an executive led by the ex governor of the ECB Mario Draghi , instead of Giuseppe Conte , are ignored in the comments of a part of the majority, such as Democratic Party and Italia viva , are instead accepted with formal denial by another part of the government forces, the 5 star movement .

“The current government has the full confidence of the 5 Star Movement and so does President Conte, who is managing an unprecedented situation with skill and determination”, reads a note released by the M5s. “ The Prime Minister is a guarantee for us , at the helm of an executive who is working compactly and in harmony with one goal: to help our country out of the crisis for allow us to get up and run again “, he underlines. “ Other names circulated for the guidance of Palazzo Chigi, such as that of the governor Mario Draghi, are not even conceivable for us “.

“Italy is facing a tough test. We should all be focused on doing, on how to make ourselves useful. Instead, unfortunately, the press continues to appear in the press, reconstructions that do not correspond to reality or are adequate to the times we are in living “, it is claimed.

The note then ends with a 'reference' to the compactness around the figure of Conte and with an invitation to those who have different ideas, in the majority, to come forward.

“That the oppositions contest, in an often instrumental way, the President Conte and the executive is a fact that is not surprising – it is articulated -, but, in the event that among the ranks of the majority of people should have ideas in line with those of the center-right, openly declare or keep silent . The country does not need divisions, indiscretions, gossip, but to work compact and united “.

The statement by Deputy Minister M5s to Infrastructures and Transport Giancarlo Cancelleri is of the same tone. “President Conte has all our confidence. Mario Draghi at Palazzo Chigi? No thanks – he writes on Twitter -. This government must go on thinking only of doing, of working. It is not time for political fiction or chatter.”

The ex-premier Mario Monti and Massimo Cacciari .

“We came out of the crisis of 2011 / 2012 because all the parties present in Parliament, the M5s was not there yet, with the exception of the League they agreed to put the country's interest ahead of its electoral interests – says Monti, who was called to lead that government in 2011 – thus approving measures , who then will also have denied, which allowed Italy to save themselves. Generally it takes a personality outside the political arena to direct a common effort of this kind, the name of Mario Draghi is certainly a very excellent name. “

“Faced with the catastrophic scenario that will open, it would be logical for a government with a large coalition – says, for its part, the former mayor of Venice – clearly a large coalition can only be achieved if the political balance in the government changes, if it changes the prime minister. And the most suitable man. ” “To conduct such a radical maneuver with the maximum possible support of the European countries would undoubtedly be Mario Draghi. But it will not happen, even if the appeals of Sergio Mattarella I seem to understand that they are going that direction “.

Cacciari's reference is to the message sent yesterday by the Head of State on the occasion of the 76 anniversary of the massacre of the Fosse Ardeatine. “At the end of those terrible years, marked by dictatorship and war, the unity of the Italian people allowed the moral, civil, economic, social rebirth of our nation”, underlined Mattarella. “The same unity that is required of us today, in a difficult moment for the whole community”.

On Draghi's hypothesis the opposition is not compact . A part of the League, led by deputy secretary Giancarlo Giorgetti, is openly in favor . The League secretary Matteo Salvini , in an interview released the day before yesterday, for the first time opened up to the hypothesis of a “war cabinet” that collects “the best of the country “. To the 'Press' who asks him for a position on the hypothesis of a Draghi government, today he replies: “Every time I talk about government someone attacks me. I do not mention names. But I have many ideas to make available. Even those who give us of jackals. I only care about one thing: having a clear conscience with my son “.

Contrary is instead the president of Fratelli d'Italia, Giorgia Meloni. “To collaborate” on the coronavirus emergency, he reiterates, in an interview with Corriere in the evening, “we don't need armchairs. And maybe now there is not even the time nor the possibility to start making a list of ministers, cabinets, delegations and so on. In short, there is no need to a government of national unity “.

In Forza Italia, Silvio Berlusconi does not fail to praise Draghi and remember, in his interviews, when he managed to convince Angela Merkel – who wanted a German – to put him in charge of the ECB. In FI, however, at the moment no one is unbalanced but skepticism reigns over the hypothesis of a Draghi government; firstly, on the possibility that the former governor may accept.

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