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Tax credit cinemas: the list with the latest admitted


The directorial decree of is online on the Mibact website – Directorate-General for Cinema and Audiovisual) May 2020 with the latest list of companies for which the investigation, related the request for access to the tax benefit, granted for the construction of new cinemas and for the recovery of existing ones, ended positively. There are seventeen, located in the North, South East and West.
The same ministry announced it today with news published on its portal, where it reaffirms (as on other occasions) that the credit can be used starting from 10 of the month following the communication of admission. In this regard, Mibact stresses that the publication represents in all respects the official communication of recognition of the definitive tax credit for investments in cinemas and that, for this reason, the interested parties will not receive any further notice by e-mail. .
In particular, in this case, it concerns the final tax discount reserved for Italian film companies for the construction of new cinemas or the restoration of inactive cinemas, for the renovation, the increase of screens and the structural adjustment and technology of cinemas, for the installation, renovation, renewal of systems, equipment,  » Read More

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