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Real estate market observatory: the 2020 calendar is online


The Revenue Agency's Real Estate Market Observatory has made available the calendar of publications which will be circulated during the year. It is a real road map that allows you to know the various appointments with statistics, reports and in-depth analyzes by the central management of Estimated Services and the Real Estate Market Observatory concerning the brick market and, more generally, real estate in Italy.
The events of May In May the OMI will release two reports summarizing the trend of the real estate market in 2019. In particular, the 21 may be published on the Residential real estate report , a complete analysis of the housing market (including appliances) where they are illustrated the annual final data of the sales volumes, surfaces, exchange values, purchases assisted by mortgage loans and leases. The 28 May, however, will be the turn of the Non-residential real estate relationship , a photograph of the trend of the market of shops, offices and warehouses representing the commercial, tertiary and production real estate sector. Also in this case, territorial analyzes of the stock ,  » Read More

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