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New features for access to the exit services


INPS, with message no. 1863 , published yesterday, communicated that starting from from 11 May 2020 the service “Performance to leave the Solidarity Funds and to accompany the pension “will be enhanced through additional functions.
Specifically, starting from the aforementioned date, to access the service referred to in art. 4 of the L. 92 / 2012 , foreseen to face corporate redundancies by encouraging older employees, close to retirement, to leave the job market, employers will be able to electronically submit single or multiple applications.
For the single application , the Institute clarifies that the sending must take place through the aforementioned service “Exodus benefits from the Solidarity Funds and accompanying the pension” in telematic mode, which will become, from 11 May 2020, l ' single usable channel. The investigation by the INPS offices will then take place in the absence of the paper document, which must therefore no longer be sent.
For sending multiple questions you can, however, use the menu “Loading massive questions”. Both for the single application and in case of forwarding multiple applications, the employers must first declare that they have the consent of the worker (or workers) in relation to the relative submission.  » Read More

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