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Indemnity of 600 euros for almost a third of accountants


Almost one in three accountants applied to obtain the allowance of 600 euro required by the Cura Italia decree . Yesterday, 30 April, the deadline for the submission of applications for the month of March expired and, consequently, the two sector bodies were able to make the counts outright.
A total of 28 arrived at the Cashier of Chartered Accountants. 450 questions, of which approximately 28 thousand admitted to payment. That of the accountants, however, has received 10. 100, of which 9 . 900 eligible. In total, therefore, there are more than 38 thousand , out of a total of 120 thousand registered in the register, the subjects who had access to the benefit.
Most have already seen the amount delivered to their current account. The money was advanced by the pension funds which physically received the requests and will then be reimbursed by the MEF. The Government, however, will have to refinance the fund of last resort, given that the 200 million initially allocated with Cura Italia they proved insufficient to cover all requests.
Meanwhile, for the month of April, the Government is considering the possibility of disbursing a new bonus, possibly also increasing the amount to 800 EUR.  » Read More

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