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Five per thousand 2020, lists of new members defined


Once the adjustments made on the advice of the interested parties have been completed, the definitive lists of the new ones admitted to the 5 per thousand allocation of Irpef 2020 (financial year 2020, tax year 2019) belonging to the bodies of voluntary work , of the scientific and university research , health research , and amateur sports associations .
After the publication of the provisional lists which took place last 12 May (see article “ Online the provisional lists of new members at 5 ‰ 2020 “), drawn up on the basis of the applications duly submitted by May 7 (see article” Time until May 7th to participate in the allotment of five per thousand 2020 “), the interested organizations have had time until last 20 May to report any inaccuracies found in the provisional lists. Overall, they are 4454 the new candidates for the allocation of the Irpef share distributed, in practice, directly by taxpayers through the choices made on the occasion of the tax return. As always, the largest group is made up of Volunteers, with 3130 attendance.  » Read More

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