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Final information on impairment 2019 from the OIC



The COVID emergency – 19 is not an indicator of impairment of fixed assets in the financial statements 2019 also for abbreviated and micro enterprises

Yesterday, May 5 2020, the OIC Foundation has published the final version of the communication on the preparation of the impairment test, in the financial statements at 31 December 2019, as a consequence of the health emergency caused by the COVID – 19.
The document, which was published in draft on 28 April 2020 and subject to consultation until May 3 2020, was approved by the Council of Management of the OIC in the meeting of 4 May 2020. Compared to the first draft of communication (see “ Coronavirus does not affect impairment 2019” of the 30 April 2020), no substantial changes have been made.
In particular, is confirmed that: – in based on the indications of the OIC document 29 , the onset of the pandemic integrates a factual situation subsequent to the end of the financial year which, in compliance with the postulate of competence,  » Read More

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