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Effects of Coronavirus on budget assessments


At the meeting of Monday 4 May the OIC Management Board approved, in addition to interpretative document no. 6 “ Law Decree 8 April 2020, n. 23 – Temporary provisions on drafting principles of the financial statements “, the communication in response to a request for clarifications regarding the correct application of OIC 9″ Write-downs for permanent losses in value of tangible and intangible assets “for the purpose of preparing the financial statements at 31. 12. 2019 .
The answer recently recalled, published yesterday, 5 May, confirmed that the ongoing health emergency represents “ a subsequent event that does not highlight conditions already existing at the balance sheet date “at 31. 12. 2019, having occurred since mid-January 2020 and since all the consequent measures occurred in the year 2020 .
The pandemic, therefore, constitutes a subsequent fact which must not be incorporated in the values ​​of the financial statements at 31.  » Read More

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