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Covid-19 Plus health emergency! and online: focus bonus facades


It is the health emergency linked to Covid 19, and it could not be otherwise, the central theme of the new issue available today from Plus! , the multimedia magazine of the Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of Labor, which puts on the net news and insights to simplify the life of citizens and businesses. Revenue contributes to the new release with an article and video dedicated to the Bonus Facades, the tax deduction of the 90% of the costs incurred for the recovery or restoration of the external facade of existing buildings, provided for by the Budget Law 2020.
All about the Bonus Facades In this issue, the Agency explains which interventions are facilitated and how to calculate the deduction, referring for further details to circular n. 2 / 2020 and at thematic guide published on the Revenue website. In the context of the Coronavirus health emergency, this tax relief can certainly help revive the country's economy. But what exactly are the interventions that can benefit from this facility? Let's take a few examples: the renovation of the external facade of the building also includes painting and cleaning the surfaces (including balconies),  » Read More

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