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COVID-19 anti-infection protocol updated in view of “phase two”


In anticipation of the gradual reopening of production activities (so-called “phase two”), expected next May 4 , today the employers' and trade union organizations CGIL, CISL, UIL and Confindustria and Confapi have updated the “ Shared Protocol for regulating the measures to contrast and contain the spread of the Covid virus – 19 in the workplace “, signed last March 14.
Among the various measures aimed to allow the continuation of production activities and, at the same time, guarantee the health and safety of the workplaces and working methods, a “close” to health surveillance is provided in the event of resumption of work by workers who tested positive for COVID infection – 19. In such cases, the return must be preceded by a prior communication concerning the medical certification showing the “occurred negative”. In this phase, then, the competent doctor takes on a central role, as he is obliged to identify workers in particular situations of fragility (e.g. due to previous pathologies) for which the company will have to adopt more stringent protection measures.
In addition to an organization of workstations based on social distancing and rethinking of working hours (arranging staggered entry or exit shifts or times),  » Read More

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