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Collection: the news of the “Relaunch” in the FAQ, just a click away


The main clarifications on the provisions introduced by the “Relaunch” decree relating to collection news have been published on the Agenzia delle Entrate website – . A compendium, therefore, simple and fast, usable from pc, tablet and smartphone to read the answers to the most frequently asked questions (Faq) and then receive real-time explanations on the new measures launched by the Government.
The “Relaunch” decree ( Dl n. 34 / 2020 ) intervenes on the current legislation by introducing a series of measures in favor of taxpayers. In particular, the decree ordered the suspension until 31 August of the payment terms deriving from payment cards, debit notices and assessment notices entrusted to the Collection Agent. The suspension also concerns the notification of new files, procedures and other collection documents. The installments 2020 of the “scrapping – ter ” and of the “balance and excerpt”, if not paid on the due dates, can be paid by 10 December. There is also a stop to the foreclosures of wages and pensions already started and softer rules for installments arrive. News also for public administration payments. Through the contents of the Faq published on the portal,  » Read More

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