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According to IRPEF data, the highest average income in 2018 was from self-employment


The MEF yesterday published some data relating to the tax returns of individuals and the VAT returns relating to the tax year 2018 .
The taxpayers who have fulfilled the declaratory obligation were approximately 41 , 4 million, directly through the presentation of PF INCOME, 730 or indirectly through CU.
Total total income declared amounts to approximately 880 billion euros. Employee and pension income represents approximately 82% of the total declared income.
The highest average income is that of self-employment, equal to 46 . 240 euro, while the average income declared by entrepreneurs (owners of sole proprietorships) is equal to 20.940 EUR. The average income declared by employees is equal to 20. 820 euro, that of pensioners at 17. 870 EUR.
Analyzing the taxpayers by groups of income overall, the MEF notes that the 44% of taxpayers, who declare 4% of the total personal income tax, rank in the class up to 15.000 EUR; in the one between 15. 000 ei 50. 000 euro is positioned on 50% of taxpayers, who declare 56% of total IRPEF, while only about 6% of taxpayers declare more of 50.000 euros, paying 40% of the total personal income tax.  » Read More

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