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2020 pre-filled declaration almost reached one billion data entered


From today, 5 May, the pre-filled declaration 2020 makes its first appearance online (see article “ Pre-filled 2020, from May 5 curtain open for consultation “). This year is even more complete: the data uploaded by the Tax Department, available to taxpayers, in fact, have increased to exceed the quota 991 million, with those related to healthcare costs in the head (+ 36 million compared to 2019), corroborated by further categories of the medical sector required to transmit to the Health Card System information on the services provided to their patients in 2019 and then flowed directly into the deductible expenses of the tax return. In particular, the data of health expenses go from 754 to 790 millions relating to the tax year 2019.
Follow the numbers on insurance premiums, which go beyond the 94 million, an increase of 2 million over the past year , and those on the unique certifications, which stood at 62, 5 million (i.e. one more compared to 2019). Furthermore, the numbers relating to reimbursements of healthcare expenses have grown to reach the 5 million ceiling.
On the other hand, data on interest expense (over 8.2 million),  » Read More

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